Ashok Khosla

Hi! I'm Ashok Khosla - welcome to This site host's the websites of family and friends.


Khipu Field Guide

The world's largest database of Inka khipus and drawings.



Pictures of (mostly) California birds. Hope you find it inspiring.


Dreams, Love and Survival

Ray Levine was my carving teacher and friend. Sadly, Ray passed away in early 2008. He wrote a memoir about his days as a B-17 bomber pilot with the 8th Air Force 305th Bombing Group. It is fascinating read.


City of Boiled Beans

City of Boiled Beans is a journal I kept while creating a division of Apple Computer in India during 1995 to 1997. This site has been read by:

  • Expatriates who are planning to work abroad, and want some "been there, done that" advice
  • Engineering managers who are considering setting up a shop in India, or who want to outsource work to India
  • Investors in foreign companies
  • Tourists to India
  • Indians who are interested in seeing how other cultures view India.

Whoever you are, we hope you enjoy it.


Dr. Ashok Khosla

Perhaps you were thinking of the distinguished Dr. Ashok Khosla, Founder and President of Development Alternatives in India, who is much more deserving of your attention?


Or perhaps you were looking for the famous Ashok Khosla, singer of stage and screen?

Another Ashok Khosla worthy of more attention than myself.