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Saying Goodbye: Mar. 13th
The biggest surprise is death. I’ve had a little under six days to realize that I will be part of Apple’s biggest layoff in history, and that the adventure of my life is coming to a very rapid close. Rather than shutdown my group, we are able to "sell" it to the sales group in India, who feel it is a major advantage.
And so we must leave India in a hurry. Leaving is as difficult as arriving. No one will return our money on deposits. We can’t sell our furniture in time. We have $15,000 in rupees that we cannot convert into dollars. Sue eventually managed to get another expatriate to provide us with dollars she brought into the country. In Joseph Campbell’s book, he complains bitterly about India, and how difficult it is to get out of the country. The situation hasn’t changed in forty years.
Our final responsibility is to find positions for our servants. Mercy bless her heart, goes to Sue’s British friend. Mr. Raja Reddy, our earnest and loyal guard, is found a job at a location closer to his home. For Jude, a position is found as a driver for the president of the Overseas Women Club. As we leave Jude for the last time in our life he touches my feet and asks my forgiveness. I give him a hug, and say goodbye.
Savitha, on hearing the news broke down in tears. I couldn’t give her a hug and tell her how much I loved her, because that’s just not done in India. I will miss her so much.
Good-Bye India.