Murugum's wedding. From a frieze in Madurai's temple

New Years Day in Madurai: Jan. 1st
Steve continues to amaze me. Today we were constantly being slimed by tailors in Madurai who kept after us with "Nice suit sir, one hour sir, come to my shop sir". I started to direct these nasty little creatures to Steve. Steve got rid of the first one with a simple "I shop at Sears". Hmmn...
Funniest event of the day. We are driving down a small crowded lane near the main temple. The car’s horn is gone, so I am leaning out the window, and using my "honk" voice to get ox-carts, cars, rickshaw-wallahs, etc out of the way. Finally this overloaded rickshaw wallah moves out of the way, and I see why traffic has come to a standstill. Coming towards us is the largest temple elephant I have ever seen. The mahout stops the elephant in front of the car, looks down at us and laughs, and laughs, as if to say, "Now where do you think you’re going?" We laughed, and laughed back. The elephant put her trunk on our trunk, blessing the car (it needed it!). Then she put her trunk into my window and started feeling out the passengers. I fed her rupees, and bananas and the entire street was laughing and having a very good New Year day. Happy New Year.