Traveling in Noida: Oct. 24th
I’ve been in New Delhi meeting with some government ministers, and reviewing a potential partnership with a software firm in Noida, in Uttar Pradesh state near Delhi.
The drive to Noida through Uttar Pradesh is showing me a new part of India. Buffalo replace cows here, and it is marvelous to me that the locals have somehow managed to domesticate them to pull carts, and ploughs. I once was photographing a buffalo with incredibly fearsome horns, and I got a little too close I guess. The next thing I knew the water buffalo, all 2000 pounds of him, had jumped into the air and ended up about three feet away, head down, and ready to charge. I slowly backed away. You have to respect a one-ton creature that can jump that quickly.
Sanjay Mehta
We (Sanjay Mehta and I) saw many elephants with chalk decorations on their head. Sanjay told me that he once saw an elephant get sideswiped by an auto-rick. The elephant lost his cool, and kicked the auto-rick like a soccer ball, the rick (and driver) tumbling over and over till it came to rest several feet away. Like cockroaches running from a kitchen light, the other auto-ricks immediately took off in terror. The elephant was still angry, though, so he found as many bicycles as he could, and sat on them.
Animal control means something entirely different out here.