American Values: May 19th
We have arrived back home in the US! The first order of business is to expose our young engineers to the joys of American tourism; so we took Harini and Savitha today to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Savitha had never seen an aquarium like this before. Every once in a while she would give this look of "WoW"!
By the kelp tank there was a perky young mom with her seven-year-old son, "Look Bobby, those are the fish that you had for dinner the other night". Harini displays this look of distaste...

From that point on Harini kept asking "now do you eat this type of fish", and "do you eat that type of fish"? She was surprised that we ate prawns; she thought they were so beautiful waving in the tank. Savitha saw the moon jellyfish, ten inches round, dancing their dance of veils. She asked if we ate those - we told her we didn’t, but that the Cantonese love dried jellyfish, and that there is an old joke that says Cantonese will eat anything with four legs, except for the table

They were shocked when I gave Del (from their eyes the boss’s wife) a hug, They were also very confused when Del served them spaghetti for the first time. What do we do with this - we can’t eat this with our fingers?!

Despite the confusing food and manners, Savitha and Harini are adjusting quite well. They are slow to judge and quick to smile.


Stranger in a Strange Land: Jun. 23rd


One of our employees, Siddarth Tiku, is on his way home from the U.S. He’s had a trying time of it, getting used to America, and Americans.
"Ashok", he says, "I am having very difficult time, communicating here, with all these foreigners".

"How so?"

"All these people in Apple speak very strangely, these Vietnamese, and Chinese, and Norwegians. They have very strange ac-Cents."

"Hmm....Do you think you’re a foreigner?" Long pause...

"Gee, I never thought of it that way before."

I then proceeded to teach Siddarth how to pronounce Ac'-cent.