On the Interviewing Trail: May 11th
It’s interviewing time again. This time the venue is Hyderabad, the old Muslim capital of Andhra Pradesh. We are staying at the Grand Kakatiya Hotel, which is surely the finest hotel I have ever been to in India. it is a mixture of Indian Baroque, and Elegant Postmodern, and the eclecticism wears well. Spacious and luxurious, our floor of twenty rooms has its own complete reception concierge, a lounge, and a full dining room. The service is impeccable; staying in this hotel makes me unwilling to go back to the hardships of the U.S.
We’ve had about twenty candidates a day. They all come with stories about why they are to be hired, although often, they do not know who Apple Computers is. They come with the typical cover letter - here is one of the more elaborate:

With an inclination of building up my career under your level of established organization, I herewith forward my candidature along with Bio-Data

I am confidant of possessing all required caliber to meet all exigencies of position and able (sic) to satisfy superior by proving myself an asset to the organization.


etc., etc.

The poor chap didn’t even pass the qualifying exam.