What’s Wrong with this Picture?: Feb. 8th
We had several interviews today which have confirmed my suspicion that I am living on another planet.
One person came in and gave 20-minute answers to questions. After repeated, but gentle attempts to stop him, we finally got his attention. I asked him slowly, and with a sly smile, "So how good are your listening skills?" His instant response was "I have excellent reasoning skills, let me tell you about....".
Another eager candidate said he had written a spreadsheet, and a drawing product. A natural fit! The first sets of interview questions were about his spreadsheet. He had no clue how a spreadsheet updated, and ended up admitting that he was a member of a team of people, and that he had done the bar-chart routines. His understanding of "his" drawing product proved even more of a blank. We hastily thanked him for his time. As he walked to the front door, he thought a second, and turned around with his one and only question, "Excuse me sir, what company is this that I am interviewing for?"