Who’s the Boss?: Apr. 27th
I told Ravi today about how badly a governmental official was treating an employee of mine. He told me that was the way India was. Everyone only wanted to talk to the boss - me. He told me that coming out of the airport last night he was checked at the gate, and Sandip, the second in command was checked at the gate, but Graham Brown (the boss) went right through. "But how did they know that Graham was the boss" I naively asked. "Graham is a foreigner (an Englishman), and the foreigner is always the boss" was the cynical reply.
This experience was repeated six months later in reverse. On tour with a visiting Apple engineer, an itinerant snake charmer asked me what kind of tricks my American boss liked. My "boss" in this case was a twenty year old white male with a ponytail and earrings.