Ayaz Khan, the Tailor: Apr. 12th
In India, only teenagers and western hippies wear blue jeans; everyone else wears "trousers". Consequently, over the last few months I have been slowly changing my wardrobe to match my new "station -in-life ". Slowly, I am developing a relationship with my tailor Ayaz Khan (also a Muslim). For $10, Ayaz makes me custom-fitted cotton shirts in any style and fabric I choose. Pants are similarly priced; a wool-blend trouser costs $20 and takes two weeks and one or two fittings to make. In America, where all the jeans are made for 6’-6" anorexics and I had to hem every pair of pants I bought, I came to regard clothes shopping as an experience that compared with a visit to the dentist. Here on the other hand, I regard visiting with Ayaz as one of the major perks of India.
Ayaz and I joke and laugh about things in that small-talk Indian way. However, as any good businessman in India does, he keeps his ear to the street. Last time we met he asked me if I would be interested in renting his office building, seeing as how I was looking for office space. Since I had never mentioned this to him, he clearly had heard it from a friend of a friend of a.... For a city of over 5 million people, it surely seems like a very small town.