A fortuneteller, and his fortune-telling cow

Astrology and High Finance: Oct. 18th
Interviewing for HR and finance folks - Quotes of the day - Sue asked an AA candidate (a 22-year-old lady with a pleasant smile named Bala) what she does for fun. Her reply — "Chanting". A finance person was asked if he would be willing to travel, and his reply was that he had a mole on his left foot. Upon further questioning it was revealed to us non-natives that his astrologer had told him that the mole would mean that he would travel a lot.
Safety in the Workplace: Oct. 19th
S. our HR person with no clue asked a secretarial candidate only one question during the interview — "Now how important is safety to you in the workplace".
Sue’s story about getting one of our lost pieces of luggage (now in Customs in Bangalore airport). "We started in Room number 6, then on to room number 2, and a lady asked me for 15 rupees, with no receipt - ie. a bribe from a white woman. After the 8th person, I lost track of how the people and the rooms. At least 25 people were involved. It took 2 and a half hours, and I had to pay customs for retrieving my luggage that British Airways lost."
Desktop Publishing: Oct. 20th
I took Pam on a misconceived adventure to Bangalore’s upscale shopping district, Commercial St. In her words, traffic was like a Chinese puzzle, you couldn’t move forwards or backwards, just sideways. We saw a desktop publishing shop, which was a bunch of guys with a screw press. In the front was a guy sewing a book, by hand, with a 3" needle and twine. I asked Pam if we could sell him a laser-writer. She looked at me with disbelief and asked, "what the hell are we doing here?"