Oops!: Nov. 2nd
I spent the day in Hyderabad visiting Sathyam computers, a 1000 person software development company. They are on the Indian stock exchange, and have used all the capital that comes from this to build a very beautiful facility on the outskirts of town. The facility comes complete with executive houses, project manager apartments, dormitories, clubs, tennis courts, lakes, etc. Today I also received a typical letter from back home doubtfully asking if there might be Windows 95 talent in India (seeing how there are all those cows, and turbans, and elephants and stuff). It was yet another example of American arrogance. Despite all the cockroach stories, I am becoming very proud of the talent out here. Engineers here are smart. Very smart. They have to be to succeed in a country without resources. The funniest part of today was when I asked the Sathyam management if I could get four-to-six engineers who were qualified to do our work. There was a lot of head bashing as the worried managers tried to figure out how to do this. About a half-hour later, they still weren’t sure; they had the qualified engineers, but couldn’t figure out how to get the engineers off of existing work to help Apple. So I asked them what the problem was in getting four-or-five engineers. There was an immediate sigh of relief, and a lot of laughter. They had misunderstood my American accent, and thought I was asking for four-ty-six engineers.