Diffusion of Innovations: Dec. 10th
From Diffusion of Innovations: Punjabi farmers consider tractors a status symbol. Consequently, they are eager to purchase tractors and use them instead of bullocks (cows). This early adoption of tractors, along with the early adoption of other technologies has contributed in making Punjab the wealthiest state in India. However, the Punjabi farmers do not maintain their tractors, and do not see the reason to replace the oil, or air filters for routine maintenance — the tractor works, why change anything. This results in massive engine failure after a period of eighteen to twenty-four months. A "change agent"/salesman for the tractor company tried to set up a color-coded instruction manual, and went the extra step of having the manual translated to Punjabi (wow, this western salesman really went the extra mile!). Nothing happened.
In wintertime, a potential lesson for the change-agent went unlearned. A blanket salesman came into the area, and persuaded the farmers that since they put blankets on their bullocks to protect them, that perhaps they should put blankets on the tractors also. The salesman objected, citing the reason that the blanket would cause engine overheating, but the farmers continued anyway.